Kathy Childs


Puzzle Me Dead 

A Psychological Thriller

On her nineteenth birthday Careen survived a terrifying assault at the hands of the Clown Killer. She was lucky, she escaped – the next eleven girls didn’t. On each dead body he left a card numbered two to twelve.

Careen has tried to move past the attack, to forget the past, but it appears the Clown Killer has not. On the twentieth anniversary of the attack Careen starts receiving pieces of jigsaw that make up the face of a clown, each piece numbered and counting down from twelve. He makes it clear that this time his number one will not get away.

Puzzle Me Dead is a gripping tale of family, love, death, betrayal and revenge. 

Slow Burn

YA Fantasy

Brianna understood she was different, frighteningly different. First there was the accident with Joey, then an ex friend who exploded, and well, a couple of other mishaps she’d rather not think about.

Caitlin was smart, pretty and popular – everything a seventeen-year-old girl could ask for. Orphaned at birth, she’d been brought up in a loving family, had a good education, a great circle of friends and once she finished high school, she’d be off to college to study medicine. Why then did she feel something was missing?

When Brianna and Caitlin meet they discover a terrible secret. As they learn more, their world starts to unravel and things they believed were myth and legend become very real.


Ghostly Hugh

Millie came downstairs every night after the bar closed. She moved contentedly through the silence that descended after all the patrons had left.

No Tea Tomorrow

All my life I have dreamed of fire. On cold nights it warmed me, in love it engulfed me, in fever it cleansed me.
I am cold.

Do Ghosts Have Freckles

… I skip up to Swanston Street wishing my sister Viola was with me. At the butcher I place my order then turn my back and lower my eyes.

Lighting the Way

Port Fairy. The place I have been told will mend my broken mind. This is a forced retreat, time out for a woman on the edge of a breakdown.

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